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Last update: September 11, 2014
  • Christianity & Islam

    Christianity & Islam

    Many may be surprised to learn that Muslims believe in Jesus' miracles. But this shared interest goes much farther. Jesus of Nazareth is the most widely revered religious figure in the world. Not only is he central to Christianity, he is also venerated throughout Islam. In our scientific age, the miraculous side of Jesus' story has greatly obscured his role in the prophetic tradition. In this sense, there may be more important questions for Muslims

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    Submitted: November 8, 2009 By: Janna
  • Christianity and Islam

    Christianity and Islam

    Christianity is an Abrahamic religion based on the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus as described in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Although Christians are monotheistic, the one God is thought to exist in three persons called the Trinity. Most Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, but according to other traditions, Jesus is thought to be a human messiah that instructs his followers to worship God alone. Christianity encompasses

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    Submitted: November 14, 2009 By: July
  • Compare Women in Christianity and Islam

    Compare Women in Christianity and Islam

    Christianity Concept of God: Christians believe the image of God to be three Gods merged into one. The Trinity’s components are the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and they are all equal. Each form of God has the same attributes of all-powerful, all-knowing, always present, unchanging, and everlasting. (Dew) Concept of Prayer: For Christians, prayer is the foundation of their religion, but is less strict than Islam. Christian believers create and sustain a relationship

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    Submitted: November 22, 2009 By: Mike
  • Christianity, Judism, and Islam

    Christianity, Judism, and Islam

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Introduction of Religions Christianity most widely distributed of the world religions, having substantial representation in all the populated continents of the globe. Its total membership may exceed 1.7 billion people. Islam, a major world religion, founded in Arabia and based on the teachings of Muhammad, who is called the Prophet. One who practices Islam is a Muslim. Muslims follow the Koran, the written revelation brought by Muhammad. The Muslim world population

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    Submitted: November 26, 2009 By: Jessica
  • Islam and Christianity

    Islam and Christianity

    Islam and Christianity There are hundreds of religions in this world. Of them two are the most prominent. Islam and Christianity. It is averaged that there are 0 million people practicing Islam, and another 1 billion practicing Christianity. The start of Islam is actually derived form Christianity, history books indicates that one night in the year 610, the first of many revelations came to Muhammad from God by way of the angel Gabriel (In Christianity

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    Submitted: December 4, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Christianity and Islamic Religions

    Christianity and Islamic Religions

    Belief systems or religions are perhaps the strongest force in society. All of these beliefs are important to each religion in there own way. They’re what make each religion individual and special. Each of these religions had its own beliefs and sacred texts, though all shared some concepts. In the Middle East, the three great world religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam had both share some similarities and differences. Judaism, a monotheistic religion, so as Christianity and

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    Submitted: December 7, 2009 By: Mike
  • Christianity and Islam

    Christianity and Islam

    CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM There are many different religions on all over the world and all people are free to choose their own religion. However, unfortunately, in spite of the fact that all people should choose religion that what they want to believe with theirs’ own will; environment, family and close friends play the first fiddle to choose religion. Therefore, many people don’t know the concept of the religion and don’t interpret the logical and

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    Submitted: December 18, 2009 By: Janna
  • Christianity Judaism and Islam

    Christianity Judaism and Islam

    Each of the three religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, preach tolerance toward other religions. However, these teachings are not always followed. Each is a peaceful religion, but each has fought wars in the name of their religion or their God. This is an interesting occurrence since each of the religions pray to the same God. The relationship between the three has been, at times, a strained one. There are several reasons for this. The Jewish

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    Submitted: January 6, 2010 By: Kevin
  • Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony of Islam and Christianity

    Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony of Islam and Christianity

    Nearly every religion and culture around the world has transcribed sacred scriptures or depictions of how the universe and mankind came to exist. As many well know, Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Evangical Denominations) and Islam are certainly no different in those aspects; however, what many individuals do not know is that Christianity and Islam have quite a few similarities concerning the creation of the universe and mankind. Although each religion has their own

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    Submitted: January 10, 2010 By: Andrew
  • Islam Vs Christianity

    Islam Vs Christianity

    Christianity and Islam are two of the most widely recognized and widely practiced religions in the world. Islams and Christians have many things in common, as well as various opinions on the application of religion in the day-to-day environment. What is each religion and how does one refer to God? What is the nature, purpose, and plan of each God? What is each religion’s view on the “Spirit” and of Jesus Christ? Both Christianity and

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    Submitted: February 2, 2010 By: Edward
  • Islam Vs. Christianity

    Islam Vs. Christianity

    On the surface, Islam and Christianity appear to have very little in common, however, as you get deeper into areas such as rituals, beliefs, ethics, founders, and sacred objects, the two show strong mutual similarities, particularly in the fundamental areas, while being totally different. In this essay I will compare and contrast many of the facets that make up the worlds largest and most recognized religions, Christianity and Islam. The word Islam means "surrender"

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    Submitted: February 15, 2010 By: July
  • Christianity Vs Islam

    Christianity Vs Islam

    In Search of Words from Outside Time-Space Islam and Christianity: Common Foundations The Archangel Gabriel Christianity and Islam are the world's largest religions, Studies show that over 2-billion people claim to be Christian and 1.2 billion people claim to be Muslims worldwide. If this is accurate, more than 50% of the world's population have either Christian or Muslim based beliefs. Selecting Islam and Christianity based on the amount of believers is important. However, there is

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    Submitted: February 19, 2010 By: regina
  • Comparing Christianity and Islam

    Comparing Christianity and Islam

    Comparing Christianity and Islam Christianity and Islam are two of the fastest growing religions, and they both have a lot in common. In this essay I will explain their differences and similarities, their messages, how they treat their believers and other religions, their historical relationship, and other topics along these lines. I will start this essay by explaining Christianity, and many things about it. The word "Christianity" itself, means "Believer in Christ." If you are

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    Submitted: February 23, 2010 By: Jon
  • Islam and Christianity

    Islam and Christianity

    Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are three directly associated religions. The two largest religions in the world are Christianity and Islam. They all believe in Abraham and certain other patriarchs mentioned in the Bible as their spiritual ancestors. In their many points of similarity, there is no guarantee that their followers can get along. Most of the religiously provoked conflicts, mass crimes against humankind and genocides in the 20th century have been between Christians and Muslims.

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    Submitted: March 19, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Compare and Contrast Islam and Christianity

    Compare and Contrast Islam and Christianity

    Christianity and Islam The Middle East is a significant historical region where it served as the birthplace for many cultures and religions such as Christianity and Islam. As they expanded from this region, both of these religions had substantial impact on the course of history. However, Christianity and Islam have their similarities in religious beliefs and their differences in expansion between the two religions. The Arabs like the Christians and the Jews, believed in unseen

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    Submitted: March 25, 2010 By: Jessica
  • The Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony of Islam and Christianity

    The Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony of Islam and Christianity

    The Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony of Islam and Christianity In every religion around the world, there are very important scriptures and beliefs on how the universe came into being. Christianity and Islam are no different than any other religion in those aspects. They have similar thoughts on things in the sacred scriptures they have, and they also have opposing views. Also, these two religions have different views on the creation of the universe, both of

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    Submitted: April 28, 2010 By: Vika
  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism - Perspective on Fasting

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism - Perspective on Fasting

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism: Perspective on Fasting One of the longest established disciplines of the human body is that of fasting. Fasting is abstaining from food, drink, sleep or sex to focus on a period of spiritual growth( has also been used in nearly every religion in the world, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Many of history's great spiritual leaders fasted for mental and spiritual clarity, including Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed. Fasting is an

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    Submitted: May 3, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Christianity and Islam

    Christianity and Islam

    The religions of Christianity and Judaism have many key differences yet are also similar. Many people see Christianity as a continuation of Judaism and some view them as the same. Even though they both have some of the same foundations, they are harshly divided in many key aspects. There are many similarities between Christianity and Judaism and this is due to Christianity breaking away from Judaism. One of the similarities is the belief in one

    Essay Length: 623 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: May 6, 2010 By: regina
  • Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Hinduism to Christianity

    Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Hinduism to Christianity

    Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Hinduism to Christianity Just as the apostle Paul witnessed to the Greeks, Christians are called to witness to their culture in the same way. The Greeks had an unknown god that they worshipped and Paul taught that Jesus was this unknown god (Acts 17:23). In today’s culture, in order for Christians to witness successfully they must understand the two religions that are rapidly growing in popularity; Hinduism and Islam. Christians

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    Submitted: May 16, 2010 By: Top
  • Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism "male-Chauvinist" Institutions?

    Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism "male-Chauvinist" Institutions?

    I. Introduction Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism "male-chauvinist" institutions (Mathieu P. )? In this paper I will attempt to prove that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are not "male-chauvinist" institutions, but rather have hierarchy in place that is based on logic and tradition. Firstly, I intend to show that the roles of men and women in the above-mentioned religions follow natural tendencies of both genders. Secondly, I intend to show that Mathieu's argument that both men

    Essay Length: 1,854 Words / 8 Pages
    Submitted: May 19, 2010 By: Jack
  • Christianity Vs. Islam

    Christianity Vs. Islam

    Christianity vs. Islam Islam is making headlines and is rapidly increasing into a large political and religious power. Initially it seems that Christianity and Islam share a lot of the same doctrines, even the same prophets, but there are important differences. As a Christian we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge of Islam, what it teaches and how it differs from Christianity. Although it seems on the surface that Christianity and Islam are so

    Essay Length: 693 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: May 30, 2010 By: Janna
  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism: The Most Influential World Religions in History

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism: The Most Influential World Religions in History

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are three of the most influential world religions in history. They are known as the Abrahamic Religions because they all recognize Abraham as their first prophet. They were all born in the Middle East and are inextricably connected to one another. Christianity was born from within the Jewish tradition, and Islam developed from both Christianity and Judaism. For centuries, Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, is considered as a holy

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    Submitted: April 25, 2015 By: Sphynsie Deus
  • Difference Between Islam and Christianity

    Difference Between Islam and Christianity

    There are many similarities between Islam and Christianity, and there are also a few differences. Both Christianity and Islam believe in one single god. The only difference here is that Christianity believes in one God, and refer to him as god. Muslims refer to their god as Allah. Both of these religions believe that the significant figures of each respective religion existed, for example Jesus, Abraham, and Muhammad, but they have a few differing viewpoints

    Essay Length: 555 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: October 4, 2015 By: caroline0323
  • Islam and Christianity

    Islam and Christianity

    Islam and Christianity Islam and Christianity have made a big impact among many people for thousands of years. Islam religion was started by Muhammed who was a merchant in AD 622 (McKay, J. P. 2014). Muhammed traveled many miles to fast in search of spiritual answers. Muhammed claimed he seen a vision which prompt the start of Islam religion. When Muhammed returned to Yathrib he claimed the revelations was from Allah and the revelation

    Essay Length: 556 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: March 10, 2018 By: Beemis
  • Christianity and Buddhism

    Christianity and Buddhism

    This paper is a comparison between two very different religions. Specifically Christianity and Buddhism. Coming from opposite sides of the globe these two religions could not be any farther apart in any aspect. I will discuss who Christ is for Christians and who Buddha is for Buddhists. I will also get into the aspects of charity, love, and compassion in both religions and I will be looking at the individual self and how christians see

    Essay Length: 2,093 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: January 12, 2009 By: Venidikt

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