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Religion Reflection Paper

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Sherry Marcum

December 16, 2006

Rel 305

Reflection Paper

What do you think about the way Jesus is portrayed in the different gospels?

I think Jesus is portrayed as a righteous man who has a lot of power and influence. In the Gospels Jesus is also portrayed as God. In my understanding of the Gospels I believe Jesus is portrayed as the only perfect person to ever walk on the face of the earth. I believe that Jesus is portrayed as having some prophet-like knowledge, and he never goes out of his way to explain who he is. The Gospels portray Jesus as a divine being and he becomes a model human for Christians to use as a role

How do you think the various portrayals of Jesus in the gospels compare with the common conception of Jesus in America today?

My belief of America’s conception of Jesus has changed very little from the way the Gospels portrayed him many years ago. Most people think of Jesus as the only divine or perfect person that ever walked on earth. Jesus is thought of as a role model from which many Christian’s get their strength and blueprints for life. I think in Today’s society many Christians and non believers are looking for more concrete ideas of what is happening

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