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Traditional Religions

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Traditional Religions

In the year 2042, non-Christians will outnumber Christians in the United States. Christianity is progressively declining each year, when it comes to losing members. Catholicism is another religion that is losing members due mostly to Latinos leaving for other religions. Today, the religious trend is to move away from mainstream religions. However, despite the declining numbers and lack of growth, Christianity and Catholicism still hold a dominating presence in the religious community.

According the demographers, this faith shifting trend is called religious mobility and it is on the rise. In 2001, seventy-seven percent of Americans identified themselves as Christians, still dominant, but low compared to eighty-six percent in 1990. As a whole, Christianity suffered a loss of 9.7 percent in eleven years, about 0.9 percent each year. The future looks bleak for Christianity.

Roman Catholics are lacking the firm numbers they are known for because Latinos are moving to embrace other forms Christianity. Many Latin-Americans say Catholicism in America lacks the appeal of faith that is prevalent in other South American countries. However, most

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