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How Is the American Economy Producing Too Many Goods to Consume?

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  2. Do we consume too much? To some, the answer is self-evident. If there is only so much food, timber, petroleum, and other material to go around, the more we consume, the less must be available for others. The global economy cannot grow indefinitely on a finite planet. As populations increase and economies expand, natural resources must be depleted; prices will rise, and humanity -- especially the poor and future generations at all income levels -- will suffer as a result. so this the one of the many ways that the American economy is producing too many things to consume 
  3. Since the 1800s and the Industrial Revolution the world has been consuming at a higher rate than ever. The Revolution allowed products to be available in enormous quantities for the first time in history. Because of their unheard of low cost, products were basically made available to all. This unlimited access led to the era of Mass Consumption. 
  4. What is the main thing that drives the drives the American crazy to consume it is ads like when every ones buy some thing new when some one buys the iphone5 they thing its so awesome until they see the iphone6 then they will think the iphone5 is garbage. Another reason that ads will make people buy things if how good/fun things are like a hamburger or a taco Yet despite these facts, Americans continue to use resources as if they are un-ending. We heed no warning and continue chopping down trees for strip malls and paving over land to make parking lots. Every day an estimated nine square miles of rural land are lost to development. And in the U.S. alone an area the size of Delaware is paved over annually.
  5. conclusion  the way the American economy is producing to many goods to consume is that every time something new comes out is that people will want to buy the new thing that comes out just like a big cycle . 
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