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Laboratory one: Introduction to Microscopy

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Ang, Elaine

Ceperiano, Arjohn

Dizon, Juan Paulo

Galbraith, Natasha Allen

Lim, Fenina Joyce

Ng, Mary Cathlyn

Ongsiyping, Janelle

Santos, Emmanuel

Ty, Michelle Jenine

Ateneo de Manila University

Loyola Heights Campus Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108, Philippines

Key words. Calibration, compound light microscope, magnification, monocot root.


This lab activity aims to provide us a comprehensive familiarity with the proper use and handling of the optical microscope, which is a significant instrument in viewing, inspecting and studying the different parts, structures, and components of various botanical specimens.

In this particular experiment, we will study the cross section of a monocot root. In the process, we will become familiar with the parts of the monocot root such as the stele, the central part of the root, and other main internal structures that are found within it such as the metaxylem and protoxylem. (Gifford and Foster 1988)

The main part of the activity is identifying the microscope’s calibration. We will be able to perform such by first determining the ocular micrometer constant from the stage micrometer and ocular micrometer. By determining the ocular micrometer constant, the objective lens constant can be known from the product of the ocular micrometer

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