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Level of Activity Scale (loa)

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Question 1

1.0 Introduction

Level of activity scale (LOA) is list of activities of daily living, recreation, and competitive sports.  

Personal scores of a level of activity could be based in a number of scales from a level of 1 – extremely high to a very low of 8-very limited scale with different levels in between. The fitness level and the progressive activity of a person could determine the personal scale level of the person.

2.0 Pitfalls in making value judgements in determining  

LOA   scale recommends a range of activities to access performance at a level of which a person to carry out task according to ability and according to the level of body strength and a person’s age. Pitfalls not only based on chronological age but also other factors   such as gender, health problems, physical injuries, hectic working life and hobbies which cannot be avoided. A person should avoid over accessing his strength in doing certain tasks by determining whether he would be able to withstand the tasks which may drain his strength. For example if anybody were to join in a game of badminton, they must first determine whether he would have the stamina to complete the game.  Likewise if they were to carry out a task they would first determine whether they have the skill to successfully carry out the determined task. The level of activity also depends whether one has the ability to gauge the situation whereby an intention is possible or not.  It would be best to appraise ourselves at a certain level of difficulty that we think we can comfortably handle our tasks with our own motivation and attain a performance level of satisfaction which anyone can say we handled without any problem.

3.0 Conclusion:

Since the level of activity is determined by our strength, ability, motivation, and our stamina, we should be able to judge and access the situation clearly and handle it with a sound mind to avoid problems that may arise as we make value

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Question 2

1.0 Introduction

A person’s chosen lifestyle is a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person.

He is not over weight, eats a balanced and healthy diet, does not smoke, feels happy, exercises regularly, has a healthy social and mental and physical well-being and generally considered of having a good balanced life.

A lifestyle of a person may differ from person to person.

2.0 Benefits of a chosen lifestyle in relation to scores of level of activity scale.

A person lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle:

a)         If he keeps physically healthy by eating nutritious food, exercising daily, and having a proper stress management.  

b)         Emotionally well – by being not

c)         Having an attitude of give and receive

d)         And having a controlled stress management by relaxation techniques and being in control of oneself.

A person who is able to follow the 4 points above will be:

Physically healthy as he or she takes good nutritious food, exercises properly and also follow good habits like avoiding smoking and overeating. This means the person will have a sick free life.

Stress also affects the emotion of a person. A person is able to control and manage his or her stress by having an attitude to accept any shortfalls in any matters by relaxing and having pastimes like playing games and gardening. This stress free and relaxed attitude will benefit a person to have a healthy lifestyle.

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