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Mycenaean 1200 Bce

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Kaitlin Kruger


Art History 1303

October 14, 2018

Compare and Contrast

        Art history is tended to think and interpret past human, social, and political events. Others tend to think that art history connects to the senses and express emotions to represent what they felt during that time period.

        When the Mycenaean palace was brought down in 1200 BCE, the disappearance of kings led to the loss of leadership and knowledge of how to cut stonework, paint, have a proper burial and ceremony and sculpt the creation of artwork. This also led to depopulation, poverty and almost the loss of connection to the outside world.

When the 8th century took place, the Greeks brought their culture back to life by creating and participating in the Olympics and began to successfully make trades with the surrounding cities. Especially with the East and West cities.

        Still standing at three feet tall, the Dipylon Krater is considered to be a technical achievement and testament to the skill of pottery, wealth, and position of a deceased family member. This Krater is to honor the dead by illustrating and decorating the vase with a proper burial with loved ones gathered by the deceased and grand chariots below representing his wealth and honor the deceased had. By using only the fingers to paint, made geometric figures throughout this pieces and introduced this type of painting back into their culture. To help with burial, the vase was used to drain rain water or other ways to help out the family. All of the animal and human figures were two dimensional and not really specifying and caring if the deceased was male or female. The artist really focused on the details of the mourners and the wealth the deceased had and shared.  

        Found and created in Vulci, Italy in 540-530 BCE and standing at two feet tall os the Athenian Exekias famous and greatest works is the ancient vase displaying Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game. Exekias vase were widely exported and copied many times over the years making this amphora his greatest work. Exekias demonstrated his detail of the armour and drapery to represent the wealth the two men carried but also could have entertainment just by playing a board game in the middle of a battle or war. The artist painted their shields in the background to make the people understand that even though they are playing a simple board game, they are always ready to fight for a battle. Exekias explains the eyes are a major key factor that plays but has such small detail to it. He explains how he put the weapons to led our eyes to the board game while the players eyes are never looking down but stare at each other.

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