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Web Based Self-Learning System

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�Self E-Learning System’ is an e-learning system. The main purpose of the system is to allow users to utilize online materials after registration. The whole process could be done with the basic requirement of the Personal Computer (PC), a web browser, internet connection and self motivation to finish the whole course. This e-learning system has certain authorized accessibility to certain level of users. The users need to register themselves in order to utilize the system.

�Self E-Learning System’ requires users to register before entering the system. An unregistered user can browse through the courses offered in the login page. There will be summary about the courses offered, if the users find themselves interested to the course offered, they might register themselves through the login system. In the system, the user has to choose the course of interest and multiple courses can be chosen by one user.

The user is only authorized to enter the User Module and Home Module. All the learning objects, communication tools, download courses, tutorials and task will be done under these modules.

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