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Com 101 - Web-Based Training Verses Instructor-Led Training

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Essay title: Com 101 - Web-Based Training Verses Instructor-Led Training

Web-Based Training Verses Instructor-Led Training

Justina Miller

COM 101

Chari Davenport

June 18, 2003

In my department, we offer two types of training for automotive dealers. The first type is our Web-Based Training (WBT), and the second is Instructor-Led Training (ILT). These training courses have many similarities, such as learning objectives, total content, layout, structure and flow. They differ, however, in how each course is delivered, when the learning takes place, and the cost of the training.

One of the similarities between WBT and ILT is the learning objectives. Regardless of the delivery method, the learning outcomes for the student are the same. Another similarity is the content, which may include text, graphics, quizzes, exercises, and tests. Slides comprised of graphics and text that are used to support ILT are the basis for the visuals presented in WBT. The layout, structure and flow of the two courses are also very similar. During both of the courses, information is presented to the student, an application exercise is conducted, a quiz on the learning module is given. A final summarizing exam is provided after all the learning modules are complete.

While WBT and ILT have similarities, they have differences as well. One of these differences is in the way the course is delivered. WBT is offered online, in a multimedia format where the student sits solo in front of a computer and interacts only with the content. ILT takes place in a classroom, where students receive lectures, ask questions of the instructor, and engage in discussions. A further difference is in the learning environment, including when the learning takes place. WBT is held at any time, at any place, on a computer with an internet connection. Not all students learn at the same pace, or at the same time (asynchronous). However, ILT is scheduled, and directed, and class start and end times are based on availability of faculties and instructor.

ILT is synchronous and learning takes place concurrently; everyone takes it at the same time with a group of people with which they interact (L. Ross, personal communication, June 12, 2003).

The WBT version of our course is priced with a one-time registration fee of fifty dollars. The bundles

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