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Western Blot

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Western Blot questions:

1. The proteins have to be negatively charged before they go through the well with the gel. This is because they have to move to the positive end. To move to the positive end, they need to be attracted to this, and for this to happen, they need to be negatively charged. The reason that they need to be denatured is because this is basically like unfolding and this regulates the rate that everything moves through the gel so that the only things affect the rate is the size and the charge.

2. The Myosin light change will go through faster than the actin because the mass of the myosin is less and the smaller proteins reach the bottom of the gel before the larger ones.

3. The reason that they are taken to the blotting paper before is because this will make it easier to handle. The blotting paper makes it easier to handle because the gel is extremely easy to break and the blotting paper

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