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Japanese Spirit, Western Thinks

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Essay title: Japanese Spirit, Western Thinks

Article Review: Japanese Spirit, Western Thinks

After that fateful day when we were bombed at Pearl Harbor and had massive losses of good men and women, we knew that we must go to Japan with a plan of attack and basically show them who was boss. Commodore Matthew Perry was sent over in his ships. Eventually after bombing them Japan finally admitted defeat and the country was then finally opened to trade. This was very important not only for Japan but also for us in the United States. . Japan little by little began to develop there economy and showed great progress. Because of our occupation in their country is what caused this an accelerated growth in Japan.

It was very important for Japan to maintain their culture and the wonderful customs that they had been brought up with. From what I could understand from the article on page 59 called Japanese spirits, western things, it seems that they set things up so that they were calling the shots of how they would let us come in. They gave some but held back enough power that they did not have to accept all of our cultures. They basically seemed to take what they liked, such as technology and modernizations and left what they did not like which was our way of politics.

They did not want outside help with there banks and businesses. They did not want outsiders telling them how to run there country much less there businesses. What seems to really have kept them afloat is their trade. Those that are in power do not want the political climate to change and for Japan to accept outside influences, this would strip them of some of there power.

It seems the only thing that is really keeping them going at all

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