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White Fang

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"White Fang" starts out with 2 men and a group of 6 sled dogs traveling across the Arctic

with a dead man in a coffin. This group was followed by a pack of famished wolves. Each

night a female half wolf half dog would seduce a dog away and allow the pack to kill him.

This killing of the dogs lasted until there were 3 dogs remaining. One man tried to save a

4th dog that was being killed by the wolves and ended up getting killed also. From then on

the wolves closed in on the camp of the remaining man and 2 dogs. Just as the fire, that

was keeping the wolves away, on the camp burned low a rescue party came and saved the

man and the 2 dogs from being eaten. After departing the pack came upon a 800 lb. bull

moose. From there the pack split up to mate 3 wolves followed the half wolf half dog or

the she-wolf. The 3 wolves fought and One- eye, a old fighting wolf, won and won the

rights to the she-wolf. The she-wolf gave birth to 5 wolf pups. The only one to survive

was a spunky cub named White Fang. White Fang became a pet of the Indians. He moved

with the Indians everywhere they traveled, yet he still heard the call of the wild. They

cherished him as he became a great fighter, fighting dogs. He became wise and learned

many tricks. His value to them was priceless except a man named Beauty Smith found a

way to buy him through liquor. Beauty Smith used White Fang

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