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White Fang

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Essay title: White Fang

Title: White Fang

Author: Jack London

Publisher: Signet Classic, Published in 1991

Main Characters:

One Eye was the father of White Fang, leader of a wolf pack, cunning and fearless.

White Fang was half wolf, half dog. He was born in the wild but raised by Indians, had the wit and strength of a wolf and loyalty of a dog.

Kiche was the mother of White Fang. She was a smart dog and had much fury in her.

Lip Lip was dog in the Indian camp that tormented White Fang at a young age but later was tormented by White Fang himself.

Gray Beaver was an Indian that took care of White Fang and Kiche. He was seen as a god to the dogs.

Beauty Smith was a cowardly man that took his anger out on White Fang. He bought White Fang from Gray Beaver and trained White Fang to be a fighting dog.

Matt and Weedon Scott were kind bobsledders that saved White Fang’s life and took care of him. They gained White Fang’s trust.


This story took place in a rural area of Alaska along a river near Fort Yukon.

Plot Summary:

White Fang is a story about a young wolf and adventures of his life. In the beginning, it showed how he was born and how he gained his traits. However, once he was born it was fast pace and exciting. From birth, he had exciting challenges, fights and adventures. In fact, he became so adventurous he stumbled upon an Indian camp where a whole new life awaited him. He still had a wolf’s instinct but slowly his dog trait began to show. He had a rough time at the start and was an enemy to all the other dogs. He slowly began to out wit them and forced them to fear him. Every day was the same until, a man known as Beauty Smith wanted to buy him from Gray Beaver.

Gray Beaver would not agree to sell his dog until Beauty Smith got him addicted to alcohol. He bought White Fang with alcohol and took him back to his house. However, White Fang did not like anything about him and was loyal to his master. He returned to Gray Beaver’s place twice but each time he was given back to Beauty Smith. Beauty was not a nice man.

He whipped White Fang and severely injured him. This made White Fang an evil and bloodthirsty dog. When the time came to release his anger, he was enraged. He fought hundreds of dogs and won, relying on what he learned as a newcomer in the Indian camp during his younger age. One day he faced an odd dog, nothing like those he fought

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