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Brazil’s Injustices

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Brazil is currently the fifth most populated country throughout the world. It is also the fifth largest country in size in the world. The current social situation in Brazil is quite unpleasant. There are many social, racial, and economic injustices portrayed in the metropolitan areas of Brazil. Two very important issues that are currently occurring in Brazil would be the social injustices that take places in Brazil’s urban areas. Another would be the deforestation and the socioeconomic results of it. The city of Sao Paulo remains to place in the top 7 most populated cities in the world.

The Brazilian urban areas are of the most violent urban areas that exist in the world today. Urban metropolitans like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil contain a large amount of formally rural people and families who have since moved to urban areas for better opportunities. Unfortunately, the economic fortune that many of these unjustly treated Brazilian individuals were to receive is non-existent. In fact, Brazil contains 36% of its people who live below the national poverty line.

Surrounding the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are small towns with houses made out of thin plywood, plastic, cardboard, and very thin sheet metals. These small towns that surround urban areas have the word “shantytowns” or favelas popularly associated with them. These towns are mostly populated with the Brazilian population of African origin. The people that occupy these areas were drawn to the areas due to rural drought as well as local government corruption. These towns as well as the urban areas that are surrounded by them are commonly associated with violent crime.

There are many reasons why violent crime is easily associated with the urban areas of Brazil. Sao Paulo has inefficient urban planning like a of public transportation as well as Brazil’s debt and unstable social security system. The heavy imbalance between citizens is also idea that sparks violence. There are millions of people living below the poverty level in Brazil and yet there are many people who live up to American “first class” standards in areas, which are within a proximity to shantytowns.

There are many gangs and organized crime groups that exist in these urban areas as well. Most of them are the prime contributors to the current violent situation in Brazilian urban areas like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo due to the system that has been established for them. The inefficiency of their very “promising” social security system serves as a great detriment to the economic issue. Jumping of individuals for robbery, kidnapping, and random gang violence are some of the horrific violent acts that are commonly portrayed in these urban areas.

The corruption of police and government is an additional negative element to the Brazilian urban situation. Police are very corrupt and there are even many precedents where police attempted to frame tourists. Police brutality is very common in Sao Paul. Police often act similarly to gangs

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