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Lack of Diversity in Media

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The fight to end lack of diversity is an ongoing fight in today’s society however we have made largely progressive steps in the right way to include representations of all types of people covering the spectrums of religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference and more. To some extent the digital world can at times be more impartial than our natural surrounding due to the amount of time we dedicate away from our lives and put into scrolling aimlessly on timelines that captivate our attention. The average person spends around 11 hours away consuming some form of media according to ( 1). This much time spent per day allows thousands of opportunity to ingest negative or toxic media that can change and or influence your brain and the perspectives you have on the world. One form of this toxic media is the inaccurate representation of minorities. For example, the black community is often depicted as criminals, homeless people. It is starting to happen occasionally but only a couple years back barely was there ever a black hero. Ethnicity was portrayed as something to overcome and accept rather than it being just a natural character trait. Race creates differences among people in the physical sense and with these differences come other cultures, practices and religions which define people who follow. White washing characters that were iconic symbols in different cultures completely discredits the story and its true meaning. The depiction the media provides creates stereotypes for the more influenced minds of a younger generation. These stereotypes embedded in children have a an epidemic effect that spreads like wildfire and turns to action rather than just thoughts. Hate crimes are at an increasing

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