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My Socialization - Personal Essay

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Kamirah Bell

Unit 2 Performance Task

I am Kamirah Bell and I started my journey with being born a woman. I fit in society as a woman who is african american at Hebron High School in Carrollton, TX. These social locations have affected me establishing me in my sociological standpoint.

First, my primary agent of socialization is my family that played alot in my gender role of socialization. Chris Cooley’s looking-glass self theory suggest that self concept develops from “ how we imagine others perceive us and the feelings of ourselves based on the perceived judgements of others. My family raised me to be a woman who doesn’t need to depend on anyone or anything. I should find my strength though my hard work and dedication that comes from my success. I usually reacted off of how people viewed me. Anything someone said I was I tried to be the opposite; Well if it was negative. And if someone said something about me being something good i would always try to be that.

Second, as I get to highschool causing peer groups and in and out groups. I joined sports making life a little bit more difficult. Basketball was is my passion and they are my in group. The teams that we play are our out group. My classes are really hard and trying to keep up with basketball,homework and my social life was hard. I had to keep a dedication to basketball but in order to do that I have to make the grades to play. My primary group are my best friend's and my secondary group is the basketball team and my classmates. As a player I am suppose to be a leader for my team and when it comes to games my parents and people who usually come out to support me are expecting me to put up 15 a night and compared to boys im a girl and average for a girl would be 12-13 points a night.

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