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Racial Equilty

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1. Mommy is in control and a little confused about what to do. Daddy goes along with whatever Mommy says or does. Neither Mommy nor Daddy seem to know what they are doing. Mommy talks more than Daddy. Daddy repeats himself on two occasions. The first time, he says, “Whatever you say, Mommy.” The second speech that he repeats is, “What do we do now?” These speeches tell us that Daddy does whatever Mommy says and wants him to do. Mommy is in control of their relationship.

Mommy and Daddy treat Grandma like she’s a rag doll and an under loved baby. They put her in the sandbox and leave her there, whether she’s comfortable or not. Mommy doesn’t seem to care about what Grandma thinks or how she feels. When Daddy and Mommy hear the offstage rumble, which signifies Grandma’s death, they pay little attention to it and don’t check to make sure that Grandma is ok. The next morning, Grandma fakes her

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