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Reflection on an Inconvenient Truth

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An Inconvenient Truth

Global warming, a buzzword in today’s society is not something that can be pushed to the side. An Inconvenient Truth explains the danger our world is currently facing. Global warming is currently strangling our world. The world as a whole is producing more greenhouse gasses than our atmosphere can release. Leading the way in greenhouse gas output is the United States of America. The solutions to the problem are available yet sadly as a country we are not doing what is necessary to protect the future of our planet.

The question asked by many is who is responsible. Simply put we all are responsible but we can all change. The government, who has been elected to protect the people, need to step up and protect our planet. The government through congress needs to put into law actions that will decrease greenhouse gas output. As well as giving tax credits to both consumers and companies for living a sustainable life. Sustainable living is something we can all adopt and is the answer to the growing crisis. The film through historical data and scientific studies show the dangers of global warming. As a country we need to lead the way and prove that sustainable living is the only answer to the future of our planet. We need to explore alternative energy sources, become more energy efficient, place environment over money (without the environment there is no money), create awareness, implement birth control throughout the world, and lastly recycle. With all of those things applied and only using what we need from the earth and not what we want the future of the planet will be secured.

The argument that global warming is a theory and is not real is obviously wrong. Icecap melting proves that the earth is getting warmer and scientist can test the ice and show the increased amounts of carbon dioxide with dates that agree with the historical temperature data that shows the earth is getting warmer. Immediate action is necessary to prevent destruction of the earth. With predicted forecasts the state

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