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An Inconvenient Truth?

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Essay title: An Inconvenient Truth?

An Inconvenient Truth?

Believable or not? Many people throughout out the U.S. are changing their minds on the subject and are actually believing that global warming is a possibility and that all the events that have been recently happening world wide are effects from global warming. The movie was touching and does help people reduce their usage of things simply because they feel they need to do something as soon as possible. But like most people on this earth habits are hard to break. The example of people going on diets I believe is a comparable subject, they’ll go all out for the first two weeks than after that it people get lazy and back right to their old ways. So the real question is, do you believe former vice-president Al Gore about the global warming incident or is it just rubbish that is being tossed around just to scare people. With me there are strong points for but also very strong points for against and that is why I only believe his story to an extent and would have to consider this movie false.

The first point I would like to bring to peoples attention is that, just because a scientist has said one thing does not always make it right. There have been instances in the past where scientists have been wrong. There is a good possibility that they may be right but, our world has been going through many changes throughout all of time that has altered our environment slightly, and yet we still are here.

All scientists believe in evolution because if they didn’t they wouldn’t be a scientist, that’s just that. If all scientists believed in evolution then wouldn’t they believe that we would adapt with they changes in our niche? That is why I don’t understand why Al Gore says if we do anything in a hurry the world could potentially end us all. There has been more CO2 put in our atmosphere by one thing on this earth that has been around longer than all of us.

Volcanoes, they are a magnificent sight but what most people don’t know is that they dump more than three times the amount of carbon dioxide each year than we do. They don’t mention that is the movie because it goes against their cause, yes it may be a good cause but there are other solutions to the problem than telling people we need to panic and get rid of all of our carbon emissions

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