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Same-Sex Marriage

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Wow this debate got heated quickly. I think that what we’re all forgetting here is that both homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships are based on love and not just lust. There is no difference between being homophobic or heterosexist and racism, remember that.

Back in the 1960s African-Americans were not allowed to sit at the front of the bus with other citizens. After years of fighting, equality and not racism prevailed. Today we see a similar version of discrimination. A significant minority are being discriminated against because of who they choose to love. Being homosexual is not a choice nor is it a chemical imbalance, however you do choose who you love. All the Gay community is asking for are the same rights that are afforded to heterosexuals in loving relationships: Marriage.

The reason that equal marriage is demanded by the Gay community is this: If someone were in a gay relationship and their partner is hospitalized for whatever reason, they do not have the right to visit that person without the consent of direct family. In addition,

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