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Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong?

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Essay title: Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Same Sex Marriage has been a huge issue in the American society for many years. Still today the issue of whether it should be legal or not and whether it is right or wrong remains unsolved. Gay marriage is one of the top arguments between the citizens of the United states today; everyone with their own belief and their own explanation. As an American it is clear that our constitution and our entire reasoning for being a free country gives all the explanation anybody needs to legalize same sex marriage.

Some believe that making gay marriage legal will encourage homosexuality. Making gay marriage illegal will not stop any individuals from being homosexual. Even though same sex marriage has never been legal and in the past it was forbidden, it has not stopped anybody from being gay or lesbian. When homosexuality was less accepted in the past, more people often hid it. Even than, when it was not accepted and forbidden, it was as common as it is today. More Americans feel free to express their sexual preferences because more people today have adapted and become accustomed to the idea. Just as we have in past years, our society can still continue to adapt to the idea of homosexuality and gay marriage.

The constitution states that marriage is between a man and a woman. The constitution also states that the right of an American citizen is to be able to pursue happiness without affecting others. If an American individual feels that his or her sexual preference is to be gay or lesbian in order to be happy, they should be free to do so. Every heterosexual couple who gets married has the choice of how they would like to be wed, in what atmosphere the wedding takes place, and in what religion the ceremony is preformed. Such decisions are free for the individuals to make but not to what sex they marry?


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