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What Was the Industrial Revolution?

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What was the Industrial Revolution?

It was a change from agrarian and farming economy to industry, it increased the production and brought the use of machines. It all started to develop in the 18th century in England. Technology paved the way for industrial revolution and it impacted in society culturally and economically

How did the Industrial Revolution change people's beliefs about religion systems?

Industrial Revolution had a strong impact in society. People became more individualistic and work became more important so they began to detach themselves from God. However, since the industrial evolution many religions appeared for example the protestant church that unconsciously prepared the majority to certain beliefs that valorized more hard work

Why did towns and cities grow during and after the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Revolution brought cities and migration of the masses from small towns to big industrialized cities because people were looking for better job opportunities so in other words urban population increased due to the fact that there were a lot of available jobs in factories who also eventually ended up spreading urbanization to small towns

How did industrialization change working-class families?

The majority was engaged to farming to maintain themselves until Industrialization begun, people moved to other cities and prioritize work at the beginning their lifestyle improved until the flaws of industrialization like inequality started to appear and the gap between classes became bigger

Do you think the Industrial Revolution impacted working-class people in a positive or negative way?

At the begging one might think It did impact in a positive way since it improved their way of life but as different phases of industrial revolution happened the working class resources were standard while the price of product and services or cost of living increased making it harder for them to access to basic needs so in the long-run it affected them in a negative way.

How was the middle class affected by the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Revolution brought different effects to every aspect of society

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