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A Systems Analysis of Lily Rose Tiaras

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Background/ Identification of the problem

Lily-Rose Tiaras is a small business that makes wedding jewellery designed the owner. It is run by my mother and is in addition to her normal job. As it is not her main occupation there is no legitimate system in place for the company. As orders are received they are produced and sent out after payment. This generates many problems for the company.

By using a computer system an organisational structure for the production of items amongst other things such as the creation of reports.

Identification of the prospective user

The system I am creating will be used by Michele the boss and sole employee of the company. Michele knows how to use a computer but does not have advanced knowledge. He can create documents and navigate the system amongst other things, but is not very experienced with databases and spreadsheets.

Thus the system need to be easily readable and easy to access forms and reports. I will attempt to create a “house style” within the forms so that the user can easily identify where things are on the form.

In the future the company may grow and this means that the system will need some form of security for customer details.

Identification of user needs and acceptable limitations


I conducted an interview with Michele as she is the prospective user. I chose to do an interview as I thought it would give me a better understanding of what the user needs.

Concluding the interview it was found that I needed a system that would allow;

A system that allows the input of data about products, customers, orders and stock.

It must also allow the creation of invoices and other business documents.

The system needs to be easy to use as the user has limited computer knowledge.

The system must have security due to the use of customer data.

Forms will be used so that data isn’t handled within tables.

Receipts/Invoices and similar types of document will need to be produced.

Reports can be produced to show output and stock in/out for the week/quarter and other similar jobs.

Summary of existing system

In the current system orders are taken by e-mail and then these are produced by the business. When they are finished, payment is collected and the customer takes the product. Stock is ordered when needed and no receipts or way to tell the amount of stock is in place.

As the company is new not many orders have been placed but business is slowly growing.

Problems with the existing system

Problem 1

There is no stock control. This means that no stock level so a product may take more time than needed for completion due to a lack of stock.


By using a stock file can be created to list all pieces of stock, their costs and a unique code for each stock item.

Problem 2

No form of receipt for the company or customer. This means that no way to track cash flow and this generates a lot of problems from a business perspective.


By using an invoice system the user receives confirmation of the order and the business retains a form of receipt for itself.

Realistic appraisal of the feasibility of potential solutions

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