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Automotive Engineering

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Emmanuel Adu Boahene,

Mrs. Agee

Senior Capstone 3A

6 October 2017

                                                       Automotive Engineer

        Automotive engineering involves the combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic,   and whole lots. Designing  and  manufacturing  and  operating  on cars, trucks,  and  motorcycles, and many  more. Manufacturing  is  the  process  of  building  or coming up  with  tools  needed  for  making  the  projects  successful. The main function in automotive   engineering is production, developing, manufacturing. Designing, customizing, testing  vehicles, fabricating, are what automotive engineering is pretty much about.

         Automotive/Mechanical  engineers  responsibilities  are really  a  whole lot; they  research, design, develop, in  order  to  come  up with an idea to create a  project. One has to be artistic   in   order   to come up with   a plan   or drawings for the project. One has to check for the area of the product   that    has   being   causing failures in the    project.  To design or   make some machines as a mechanical engineer I will need a computer soft   wares. In order to make new machines, I will   have to discuss with my managers and   engineers in   order to   know their expectations.

         Main reason why I chose the career  is because the requirements  for the career   matches  my  interest, and  I  love to  work on cars. Being able to communicate in group is very    important, and good communicating skills, and also being able to solve problems, are the    requirements needed for a mechanical engineer. I am able  to  qualify  for all this requirements    because  I  have what  I takes. Things working mechanically looks awesome to me. Like in    the    olden days we were   traveling by boats, or animals, or walking. But  now  we have cars,  airplane, trains,  bicycles, and whole lots, we have  many  ways  not travel  by  foot now, which    has  help improve our  economy.

          I     have     really     grown      interest       in     this     career,    want    to    have     more    experience    in    thus     field.   Their   salary   kind   of    mainly    depends    on     your     experience,    education.    Mostly   some    mechanical     engineers      earn    around     $50,000    to     $60,000     a    year.   As     you    work    your   way     out     and     develop    in     experience     you   can    earn   around     $100,000   to     $130,000.    Mechanical     engineers    work    with     product     designers      to    combine      their    knowledge    in     order    to     create      a     successful     product.

          Product     design    is     one    of     the    computer     programming     skills.   Product     designers    are     supposed to    be    familiar     with     their     company    product     standard      in    order     to    be     able     to     represent     the      company     brand.    Product     design     engineers    are    also   to    keep up     with    the     newest      trend     and    also    take    care   of     consumers’     needs    when   designing   products.   Also   they   have    to    update   the    company’s    designs    or    improve   their   developmental    standards.

          Plastic     designer    produces     toys,   food   containers,    and    car    parts.  They   also    use     computer     in   order    to     come     up    with     the     plastic    products.    A     minimum    of     a      bachelor’s     degree   is     required      to     be      plastic     designer.      They    earn   around     $91,310    a     year.  

          Some     responsibilities     of    a     designing    engineer   is      come    up       with      new     skills    of      materials,    and    instruction    of   ways    in     order    to   develop   it.   They    also   have    to    perform    test      on       engineering    model     created     in     order      to     confirm     maintenance.    They     have     to    build    models,   and    design    it     with   purchasing   team.   Purchasing   teams    help     to   find    the     best    source      of    goods     to     bring    and     sell     to   the    costumers.

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