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Cadbury’s Campaign in Google+

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CADBURY’S Campaign in Google+:

Cadbury, the U.K.'s most popular chocolate, wanted to connect with a tech-savvy, younger audience. Social platforms are major focus to Cadbury’s digital marketing strategy and it was among the first brands to begin experimenting with Google+. In the end, they beat their original goal of 20,000 followers by a long shot - connecting with 4.2 million people on their page through badges, hangouts, keywords and more. Cadbury has always tried to see what’s different about Google+, and to employ those unique features to their fullest potential. One thing that is definitely different about Google+ is its Hangout functionality. No other platform allows a brand to connect with its fans on such a personal level. It means a lot when a company as big as Cadbury takes the time to communicate with the individuals that make the product as popular as it is, and it’s the kind of attention that people really respond to. On the eve of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, Cadbury utilised Google Hangouts to promote its products and itself as the ‘Official Treat Provider’ of the athletic event. In the months leading up to the competitions, a series of Hangouts took place, featuring Q&As with Olympic athletes, brand ambassadors and chocolate connoisseurs. This attracted over 150,000 new followers to its Google+ page, proving just how instrumental Hangouts can be to growing a business and fan base. 


  • Supplying exclusive content on Google+
  • Use Hangouts to connect to fans
  • Use of social extensions in AdWords


  • Engage with 18 to 25 years old audience
  • Stand out from other sponsors
  • Extending reputation for creativity and innovation


  • 17% uplift in click-through rate (CTR) across all their AdWords campaigns
  • Drove a consistent 10,000 new Google+ followers per day
  • An increase of 7.5% of traffic from Google URLs

One of Cadbury’s main strengths on social media is engaging their fans, as they are really good at responding to comments and enquiries from customers and this really helps to build an approachable and accommodating brand image. Though there is a lot of duplicated content across platforms and pages, this is understandable and it broadens the reach to different audiences.

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