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Computer Information Systems

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Computer Information Systems Summary

Once upon a time, way back when in the caveman era, caveman used drawings on walls to keep track of information and to communicate with each other in the clan of one’s life-span. Over time, man have improved and evolved in the way of keeping track of information and communicating with one another. Today, one finds himself more in an automated world than he did 25 years ago. When planning to purchase a computer, one must take in consideration all possibilities, options, and accessories that one could receive along with the computer. In this summary, we are going to examine some of the input, output, and storage devices along with speeds of a computer. You did a good job of getting the reader’s attention and giving the reader a “road map” to your paper.

Data Input Devices

When personal computers first came out, the only input device that was available was the keyboard and mouse. Today, there are more input devices to choose from than the basic keyboard and mouse combination. I would have combined these two sentences into a more complex single sentence. These devices are Voice-recognition or microphone, optical data readers, touch screens, magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), digital computer cameras, terminals, and scanners. In this section, this writer will identify what is the best method of data input to use in what situation and why.

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