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Hacking in Computer Software Programming

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Abdullah Al Dhabah


December 4th


Technology has significantly developed in the past few decades. Due to the development of technology, there has been an increased use of computers. As at current status, computer software has developed to become very complex and contained millions of lines of codes.  Soft wares are developed in accurate precision avoiding mistakes as many mistakes as possible. Hacking is explained as the practice of gaining illegal access to software and hardwares with the intention of altering and making modifications on the soft wares and hardware's to achieve an intended goal which contradicts the initial objective due to the increased numbers of individuals who use the internet at risk of the hackers. The computer hacking wizards use instant messages, bogus websites, phishing scams and spam messages to deliver the risky malware to your computer compromising the computer security.

Today computer software programming has become a complex aspect and is made to contain thousands of codes. Due to the human integration in software development, there are high chances of mistakes often known as vulnerabilities.  These loopholes are utilized by hackers to launch attacks on the computer. It is important to note that hacking is not necessarily illegal because either become a profession in the recent few years.  At modern times companies hire hackers to help I protecting their systems by breaking into their systems closing down the available loopholes ‘penetration testing. ‘They break into the company's systems and report the vulnerabilities back to the company.

Hacking is a vast field that one requires a lot of information and literacy using computers to join. The basic types of hacking include; the black hat hacking, also known as cracking. The people with advanced knowledge and skills for their gain and also for fun (Harper, et al. 2011). They often try to gain access to systems without the owner's consent. These of hackers work alone but when in groups they can turn out to be destructive as they can cause great trouble to the systems.

Secondly, there are the white hat hackers. These are ethical hackers as they do not use their skills for illegal purposes. These categories of hackers are also known as "ETHICAL HACKERS". These people don't use their skills for illegal purposes. Normally they are computer security experts that help to protect computer and internet users from hacking.

Additionally, they also break into security the systems' and help in installation of antiviruses, and to fight malware attacks. Then there are the grey hackers which includes a combination of both good and bad guys (Harper, et al. 2011). They can help the service provision and can as well harm you.  Most of the hackers fall into this category

Additionally, hack for different reasons, although the main reason for hacking is to acquire information for either intention dedication for instance, when people need to recover data from the hard disks, it is a hack for good.  In other cases, others hack with no specific reason in cases of curious hackers who just discovered the fascinating aspect about hacking hence they have a lot to explore within systems. Others hack for security purposes, these are the monitoring aspects of websites and software to monitor traffic in the systems.

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