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Educational Computer Software

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Blake Williams

Case 2

Educational Computer Software

You are looking for a new venture. You have a child with a slight reading disability. This has inspired you to form a new company to develop computer software that could drill students in special-education classes who needed repetition to recognize and pronounce new words correctly.

You have a friend in you IST 131 and IST 112 computer programming class who could help you develop this software.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to help kids with reading disabilities in northwest Ohio, develop new speech habits to make them able to pronounce new words and recognize what they are saying. The way we will fulfill our mission is to create a computer software that could aid the students in their reading disabilities and give them the confidence they deserve.

Strategic Planning:

Our strategic planning includes two main ideas. One is a list of competitive differentiation. Which shows how different we are compared to other companies of the same objective. The second listed is the objectives, which shows our objectives over a period of time.

Competitive differentiation:

One of our main objectives is to help kids with reading disabilities within northwest Ohio. What sets us apart is our support and continuous effort to children within the area. Those being:

• After a few years of commitment and a substantial amount of progress, our company will be willing to help aid the students in their school costs.

• Our software would be integrated and would keep pace with each individual student.

• Every year our company, will have a free week of access to our company’s software.


Our overall objectives for the educational computer software include the following:

• We could open up 3 different locations for available computer usage at no charge.

• We will help our community become more educationally advanced.

• Our software will be integrated to help ensure the individual’s are at a comfortable pace.

• To establish our company within 10 different states within 3 years.

Tactical Plan:

Our Tactical Plan includes ways on which we can accomplish our strategic objectives within the first couple years. In order to aid in the success of our goals, we will:

• Try to get multiple

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