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Ibm offers Microsoft Corporation Cofounder

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The Development of MS-DOS began in October of 1980, when Microsoft was commissioned to write one of the first operating systems for the pc. I believe that is what started the boom in the industry. On August 12, 1981 IMB released its “new revolution in a box”, the personal computer, with its 16-bit MS-DOS 1.0 operating system from Microsoft. Bill Gates’ operating system eventually wiped out Kildall’s operating system out of common use. Kildall’s had sold over 600,000 of his CP/M operating system. Without the advancement of the creation of this operating system Microsoft wouldn’t have gotten to were it is today. Microsoft continued to make its product better and more useful for the common user, and still manages to advance today’s technology. With this operating system IBM entered into the personal computer market and became the personal computer of choice in business. That also helped IBM grow to what it is today. I believe

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