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Information Systems

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Information Systems

Why must you, as a business owner, manage information as a resource?

Business owner’s using information as a resource can add value to your products and services. Information resources could be use to develop policies for information needs how to acquire, managing information, information integrity and sharing. Information management provides help in making critical decisions in the business process. Information management systems will help meet needs for the company, but also the needs of its customers and suppliers. Information could be use to set Goals and simplify access to products.

How might the Internet and related communication technologies change your business?

Using Internet technologies such as email and online banking, and more sophisticated systems such as web-based applications will provide superior customer service, streamline business. These technologies can be used to develop strong and reliable business infrastructure. An e-commerce company could provide an easy and secure way for customers to order, help in constructing a commercially sound business model, providing an attractive website, and streamlining business processes

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