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McBride Financial Services - Accuracy of Input Data

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Market research

McBride Financial Services is a regional mortgage company that becomes the most advanced mortgage company in the Midwest. This company gives low cost mortgage services by using the state-of-the art technology to help homebuyers. The McBride also offers conventional, FHA, and VA mortgage loans for the customers who are purchasing or refinancing at the lowest possible rate. In addition, this company provides credit report , home inspection, and an appraisal of $ 1,500.00 for a fixed price for its customers(Apollo 2004).

If I want to have a financial company like McBride Financial Services, I will look for the current market situation because I have to be careful with the financial business. I will get information online and other resources. I will study the other mortgage companies information . In addition, I have to make sure how many people I will need to hire to start my business. And they need to have skill that will help my company. If I need to take some courses to learn more about the business, I will do it to understand the concept of my market plan. Then I will plan to start establishing my business. When the company is set up, I will provide valuable services to first time buyers, retirees second time buyers and others. For first time buyers, I will give a special discount for them like helping them with closing costs. I will provide a settlement program that they can pay like $ 400 or $ 500 per month until the house is ready to move in if the house is under construction. For retirees, I will give them a very lower rate that will be able to pay their mortgages. I will give them a discount as well. The second time buyer will get a lower rate . And I will provide them a home inspection without paying many out of their pocket to make sure their houses are ready to move in. All customers, I will offer a free moving program that my company will have trucks and personnel ready to do the job. I will do anything to get more customer in my company.

Types of media

To promote our market plan, I am going to local TV stations to offer information that most people will help to come my company. When they call or come in, my company will offer them a special deal like first mortgage payment free. I will go to local radio stations to do the same thing. I will order flyers that I can give to people at malls, stores, and other majors places . I will order postal ad cards that will send out, and I am going to tell customers. if they bring this card, I give them no three months payment. For the news paper advertisement, I will offer $ 5000 for the closing cost. For online advertisement, I will offer no appraisal or hassle, no payment for six months, no closing cost. And for those who want to refinance based on their needs. I will use the same for the TV, radio, news paper, flyers, banners, local realtors and internet. That will be the type of media that I use.

McBride’s target markets

The McBride’s target market are professional purchasing either a primary or secondary residence, retiree purchasing a primary or secondary residence, and Families and individuals purchasing recreational properties. For the professional purchasing is the customers who have the job and they want to close to their work(Apollo 2004). I think that this company helps their costumers to make their dreams come true. And for retiree purchasing and families and/ or individuals purchasing recreational properties, they provide a quality service those people as well.

The company wants to satisfy its costumers because it is very important for the business. And if those customers are satisfied, I am sure that they referred this company to others who want to purchase house. McBride’s goals are to the customers’ satisfaction and this company is trying hard to provide better quality services to its customers.

4Ps and SIVA


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