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McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan

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McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan

McBride Financial services is a mortgage lender that provides loans for home purchasing and refinancing. McBride Financial Services’ mission is to be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services. With a great a marketing plan we can make that statement true and prove that McBride Financial Services will be the preeminent provider for low cost mortgage services. Establishing a marketing plan McBride Financial services will be able to expand their operations, offer new products, and continue to grow as a company.

First step in the marking plan would be to research. We would want to find out where the company situation is and what direction its wants to go in. Find out McBride’s strengths and weaknesses. Research what areas to improve. We would want to determine company goals. Determine short and long term goals. McBride would need to research who to target and what products to offer. Research what products to market and how to market the products. Determine consumer needs and if any of the products McBride offers will satisfy the consumers needs. Develop a marketing plan to help the company how to spend money and where to spend money to market the company and its products. McBride would need to research marketing expenses and where to market the products. McBride would also need to research the competitors. Find out what the competitors strengths and weakness. Analyze how well the competitors do in the market. Research what products they offer and see if customers are satisfied with the products. Research the competitor products and determine how to improve on their offering.

There are many options McBride can advertise or spread the work about their services. McBride can go old school and place ads in the local newspaper. They can also place ads in real estate magazines. Obtain contact lists and call potential or existing customers. McBride can also spread the word by referrals. I think a big way to get the McBride name out is the internet. The internet is an easy way to get the name out because the whole world has access to it. Majority of people do their research online now days. McBride can create a company website to show the products that are offered. McBride would want to create a user friendly website with detailed descriptions of each product. On the website it can show a comparison of products to other competitors’ products and the consumer can see that McBride is the better choice. With today’s technology, McBride can place ads on lcd screens at local restaurants or checkout stands at the grocery store.

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