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Space Exploration & Technology

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Traveling through space and exploring the unknown has been an unquenched curiosity of mankind’s since the beginning of time. Students of all ages, in schools throughout the world, are becoming more involved in researching space. They are following the current progress of space exploration, and discovering the learning possibilities that come from traveling through the last frontier. “Space Exploration” is an interdisciplinary unit combining multiple disciplines to create a single outcome.

Inevitably, arriving on the moon was and still is such an important occasion for all human beings. The earth, populated with the living, has been the only home for us for over millions of years. Researching the other celestial body in space is not only the initial involvement of our space exploration, but also powerfully proved that our technology and society had attained a new level. Therefore, mankind should be proud of themselves for this great event. If I were president of the United States, I would improve space exploration and technology.

During the past many years the general topic of a sustainable economy and the depletion of limited resources came into question. Can the world continue to have population and economic expansion given limited resources? Or do more people contribute to our ability to solve our problems? Today the world faces the problem of finite limited resources. More people mean less for the rest of us.

Anti-science and anti-technology movements are growing. There is a growing acceptance of the idea that people should be limited in jobs and education by quotas. We must learn to do with less, since there is only so much to be shared. In a frontier society, resources and opportunity are unlimited. Is this real or is it just a perception? Or does it really matter?

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