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Technology Crisis

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The excessive use of computer software and other similar technology has significantly reduced our overall appreciation for manual work and encouraged temptations towards procrastination and general inactivity. Some of us are unfamiliar with a collection of paper backed substance commonly referred to as a book. Back in my parent’s time, books were utilized as the feature research tools. Today, they are frequently forgotten as valid sources of information because of the widely-available internet network. Whatever happened to home-made cards and long old-fashioned letters? Are pre-made e-cards and simple e-mails genuinely sufficient replacements? Some would say that instant messaging has considerably advanced methods of communication, - but has it really? Text-messaging and other such contemporary tools fall short of intimate face-to-face conversations and avoid personal confrontations. Video games, a feature entertainment source, follows similar suit: it has made society more secular and provides a very poor depiction of virtual reality. Why pretend to play basketball? Enjoy the authentic thrill and enjoyment of truly playing the sport. Technology has replaced in many cases, the necessity to think and reason.

Easy accessibility, to varied information, such as online services, allows for convenience that eliminates challenges and difficult labour. The consequential feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment is being displaced by apathy and indifference at an alarming rate – there is no longer appreciation for raw exertion. The remote

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