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Pornography is sexually explicit material (verbal or visual) that is primarily designed to produce sexual arousal in viewers. Patty McEntee, who has been director of public relations for Morality in Media, Inc., argues in her article “Is Pornography a Matter of Free Expression” for bounding pornographic materials.

Today, pornography appears everywhere, and people almost can’t be protected from the pornography industry and many of its products. “Pornography” is a common term that include both softcore and hardcore porn. Basically, “obscenity” is another word for “hardcore” porn, but obscenity is not defended by the First Amendment. As a matter fact, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, obscenity may apply to magazines, videos, dial-a-porn, cable porn or live performance. Above all, pornography can be really harmful for people. Researches have shown that people who are addicted to porn are 40 percent more likely to commit a sex crime than non-addicts. It also can cause family problems. Nevertheless, it is a high-profitable business that makes about $10 billion annually in the United States.


Overall, the article was informative, well organized and accurate. There are some good facts in paragraphs 2, 7, 11. Paragraph 8 is interesting in its structure, where we can find comparison of facts and personal opinion of the author. However, Patty McEntee have not cited a lot of sources, where she took the information, as she had presented strong facts and numbers. For example in paragraphs

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