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A Dolls House

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Essay title: A Dolls House

David Seeman

English IV

Causey 2nd period


After Nora left she went to the train station and went out of town for a while. About 3 months later she came back because she missed her kids dearly. She thought about going home to se her kids, but she just felt like it was not right just yet. She also missed her husband even after everything she told him when she left. Her husband has been looking for her since the day she left he was heart broken. Krogstad really wants his money and he also has been looking for her.

Nora has become an independent women she has gotten her own job she has accomplished her dreams. She depends on no one only herself now she did not want to be treated like a doll anymore that is why she left.

Nora has been in town for less then an hour she was walking down the street and bumped into Dr. Rank, she asked him if she could stay with him for a few days. He said yes and asked why; Nora said, “Well it just does not feel right to go home yet.

The next few days Dr. Rank’s sickness has gotten worse and worse, he is at the point where he cannot even leave his bed so Nora is taking care of him. One day when Nora came home from the grocery she went into Dr. Rank’s bedroom to give him

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