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Abdul Ali

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Essay title: Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali,

C/O The Arabian Embassy,

Leicester Avenue,


Dear Mr. Ali,

I am writing to apply for the job of bodyguard, which I saw advertised in KATHIMERINI today. I am very interested in the job as I have a lot of experience in protection of people and I am enclosing my curriculum vitae for your information.

As you will see, since leaving school in 1992, I have been working as a police officer in Heraklion for 6 years. One of the functions of my job was to protect famous people and politicians in several occasions. At the beginning, I found my work very interesting and extremely rewarding. At the end, I found myself working in a office. They claimed that I was too valuable to work in the street. I couldn’t work as a police officer, anymore. I need action, in order to feel alive. Finally, i retired from the police.

As far as outdoor activities are concerned, I spend many hours every day training in martial arts. I have many times competed in national and international competitions. I also spend many hours every week in shooting.

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