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Administrative office Management

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Essay title: Administrative office Management

I interview Lena Cirillo the administrative manager of Island Arbitration & Mediation, Located 236 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola, NY 11501. I got this interview through a friend of mine that knew Lena Cirillo. She gave me her phone number and I called her up the next day. She said that it was okay to interview her, so I made an appointment with her on Friday the17 of December. When I got there they didn't have their own parking lot. It was hard to find parking, and it took me about 15 minutes to find a space close to the company. I also found out that the company is not in a building at all. It's inside a white house. I went in and spoke with the receptionist. I waited a few minutes and I finally met Lena Cirillo. She brought me into the conference room. Before she started talking about her job title and the history of the company, I was already formularized with the company because I looked up the history of it.

Island Arbitration & Mediation has been around for about 12 years. It was founded by Robert S. DiPippo. The main purpose of the company is to attempt to bring the quickest and least expensive way to resolve a peaceful dispute between two parties. Island Arbitration & Mediation has been very successful because according to their website, they have skilled professionals that are involved in courts, legal and insurance communities. Their main goal for the future is to go global. They are not going to stay in one area. The company already has offices in Boston, Chicago, and Florida with the main office being in Mineola.

The company deals with many cased arbitration and mediation such as: Personal Injury Disputes, Insurance Coverage Disputes, Contract Disputes, Product Liability Disputes, Real Estate Disputes, Sports Arbitration, Union Disputes, Employment Disputes, Construction Disputes, Healthcare Disputes, Workers Compensation Disputes, Automobile Subrogation, and Securities Arbitration. According to Lena Cirillo the company percentage of settling disputes by using arbitration and mediation process is 93%. She was very impressed that I was familiar with the history of the company. I found that the way they run the company to be interesting. I learned that the Mediation took place in a conference room with the plaintiff attorney, the defendant attorney, and the hearing officers.

None of this process happens in a court, like I previously thought. The company provides the date, location, time, and mediator. They also get all the documentation approved by both parties.

We started the interview with information about my-self. She was interested in knowing where I went to school, what my major was, and what was the purpose of the interview. I informed her that it was a final project for my Administrative Office Management class. My first question to Lena was, what are some skills you think an administrative manager needs? Her response was that with her experience as an administrative manager for the past five years an administrative manager needs: Good communication skills, good organizational skills, and firm leader skills. She felt that an administrative manager needs these skills because they need to communicate in a daily basis with people and have to be very organized with the paper work that she deals with. I agreed with her on those skills because it's very important to have as administrative manager.

We continued the interview with variety of questions; there were a lot of information that I got out of it. The first information that I got was that in order to be an administrative manager you will need to develop management challenges to make sure that the work is being done accordingly, striving to make the business as successful as it can be.

Management definitely plays a big part in the growth of a company as well as the employees.

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