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Adolescent Smoking Teaching Project

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Essay title: Adolescent Smoking Teaching Project

Adolescent Smoking Teaching Project

The aggregate population selected for this teaching project is an adolescent bowling league. This adolescent bowling league consists of six males and three females whose ages range from thirteen to fifteen years old. All adolescents on the bowling league reside in rural parts of West Virginia. The bowling league plays in a small town with a population of approximately four thousand.

Assessment of group needs

To determine the needs of this group, each one was asked direct questions about smoking and the effects smoking has on the body. Each person was aware that smoking causes health problems with cancer being mentioned most often. Most in the group could not tell me some of the immediate effects nicotine has on the body and what addiction is. The chemical substance known was nicotine. I also observed each individual as to behaviors displayed such as: who went outside to smoke, who did not, and who used smokeless tobacco. I spoke with at least one guardian or parent of each adolescent. The three adolescents who used tobacco had parents that used tobacco. These parents were aware their child used tobacco products, but wished they did not. A small survey was given to each adolescent to complete and return without placing a name on it. The survey asked questions

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