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Aids in the Usa

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Essay title: Aids in the Usa

Aids was first identified in the usa in 1981. Since than it has been steadily growing and by the end of 2004, there were estimated to be just over, 1 million people living with HIV and proximally 415,000 people living with aids in the usa. Aids is also thought to have killed over haft a million americans nearly ten times the number kille in the Vietnam war. And more become infacted everyday. The problem with with aids and HIV today is that too many people are getting it. You cant really tell who had and HIV or aids today. The Best way not to HIV or Aids is by not having sex. Aids is killing to many of us Americans. The number of HIV+ people living in the usa varies, between 900,000 and 1.2 millions accoding to different estimates, around 30% of those living with HIV are unaware of their infections and may unknowingly infect more people as a result. it’s estimate that 40,000 new HIV infections occur in the usa each year, and although this is the less than the 1980’s peek, of these

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