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All the President's Men

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Essay title: All the President's Men

All the president's men

By: Nancy

Richard Nixon's first term as president was always be connected with the Watergate scandal and the President investigations. This scandal has been etched in the minds of millions and is still being recalled today when faced with the present day scandal of our current President. In the book, All the President's Men, written by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, they recount, illustrate, and analyze this period of time and their work on reporting and revealing these events for The Washington Post. The story begins on "June 17, 1972. Nine o'clock Saturday morning. Early for the telephone." A telephone rings to awaken Bob Woodward. His editor wakes Woodward to inform him about break-in at the Democratic headquarters. His editor told him that the break in had occurred late the previous night. The authorities had arrested five, of the five in custody, four of them were Cuban-American Miami citizens. They were found to be in the possession of high-tech surveillance and communication devices, along with hundreds of dollars, mostly in $100 bills, in sequential order. They also discovered address books, one of which included a telephone number for Howard E. Hunt, a member of the White House. This was the first indication that the President and his cabinet might be involved in this break in. Woodward and Bernsein's investigate this White House connection. As they delve deeper into this lead, they discover continuously

larger crimes with more of the prominent White House staff is involved. Woodwas and Bernstein put to print all their astonishing findings in articles in their paper, the Post. After putting great pressure on the President through their indepth articles, and with FBI investigations of the President and his cabinetEventually, the pressure that they put on the President through their articles printed in The Post and through the FBI's investigations, became too great which ultimately led to his resignation. Now, when Bernstein and Woodward were writing this book and their articles, they must have had some idea of the significance of their work. After all, they were printing a series of articles that pointed straight to the President. At this time, only one other impeachment inquiry existed, so their work had to be as accurate as possible. They made sure of this through a few precautionary measures. First, they agreed never to let an article go to print unless they both fully agreed that it should. When they were investigating the truth of a fact

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