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An over View of the Beverage Industries

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Essay title: An over View of the Beverage Industries

AN OVER VIEW OF THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES Contributing to this industrial revolution among other industries were Manufacturing, Agricultural, Automotive, Chemical, Hotel, Banking Business Services, Real estate, Tourism and information Technology to name a few. But on such industry that has been holding onto its share of the market since its inception note in the USA - its birthplace - but all across the globe as well as the Beverage Industry. It has introduced icons that very few are oblivious to. The industry and its role in the Pakistan economy, the conditions under which it is working and the effects it has on the consumers is to remain the concern of this study. According to Richard D. Brown and George J. Petrol (1986), the history of the Beverages industry start from 1886, when Atlanta chemist Doe Pemberton developed a reddish - brown syrup with a smidgen of cocaine (for medicinal purposes) to compete with the many patent medicines and cure - all elixirs of that time. His company recommended it for the relief of hangovers headaches, menstrual pains, and a host of other problem. One warm summer day Pemberton took some syrup down to will is venerable at Jacob's Drug Store in Atlanta. An ounce of the mixture was put into a glass, which was then filled with water and ice, creating the first Coca-Cola. The headquarters of Coca-Cola, now listed by fortune as one of the 50 top corporations in the United States, is still in Atlanta, Georgia. The actual sale and distribution of that magic elixir - which, needless to say, on longer contains cocaine - is handled largely by a number of independent bottlers. These bottlers buy syrup, mix it with carbonated water, and distribute it to retailers in their area. The number of retailers who sell Coke to the public almost exceeds counting. In this way a company with a magic formula but limited capital spread its name around the country and eventually around the globe. The organizational formula for merchandising apparently also had a bit of magic. But, of course, the product was one that people wanted, which is perhaps the first law of success in marketing. Coke had been successful in establishing a strong loyal consumer force, on whom it still relies to this very day. Dong business was no sweat once the industry had set itself for good and the consumer’s tasted veered. Everything seemed to go smooth enough until hell finally broke loose. Trouble started creeping into the very foundations of coke who stated loosing a major share of its market. Thanks to Pepsi. With virtually the same history Pepsi started gaining ground and proved to be an excellent example of how razzle-dazzle advertising sharp marketing and an efficient distribution system can turn a loser in to a winner in a remarkably short period of time. Pakistan today has a very competitive beverages market. Opportunities for this industry to establish itself firmly in this country were grim at first because of the country's low per capita income and because of the business' status depending on consumer impetus. But much of it was more or less the same when the business took a start in the USA as well. The Beverage industry has undergone a revolutionary change during the last couple of decades. The form of processing and the machinery used these days has developed and is very sophisticated. Automatic and computerized plants have been installed in the industry thus making it an industry which is dealing in million of gallons of beverages yearly. Pakistan Beverages, the bottlers for Pepsi, and Coke bottlers National Beverages claim that their primary goal is not to undermine the competition but to expand the market as a whole. Market expansion, in fact, seems to be the buzzword these days in the beverage industry. Analysts believe the potential market in Pakistan is though to be enormous because the country's per capita consumption is as low as 14 bottles per year. Compare this with a 120 bottles per year in the Philippines, and the scope for expansion becomes more than obvious. HISTORY OF PEPSI COLA It starts with a small drug store in North Carolina. This little store belonged to young chemist by the name of DOC BROADHAM. He invented a drink that the customers called BROAD'S drink. In 1903, Bradham got its drink registered formally by the name of PEPSI COLA. He set his own company and kept its sales improving gradually. By 1909, more then 250 bottlers in different American states had been allowed to sell under the PEPSI COLA license. PEPSI COLA was first sold in the standard size of 6.5 ounces. In 1932 PEPSI COLA took courage enough to introduce

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