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Antigone Essay

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Essay title: Antigone Essay

Antigone’s loyalty to her brother and to the divine law led her defiance of king Creon’s Law. Antigone’s loyalty was justified and she should not have been punished Throughout the play it is seen that Creon must do his duty as a leader and make a example out of Antigone’s brother by not giving him a proper burial in order for him to have a bad afterlife. Antigone’s belief is justified in getting her brothers proper burial grave.

Throughout the play it is seen that Creon wants to keep social and political order to the people. Creon is a leader of his word and will do anything to make sure he is seen as a strong man who sticks by his rule. Creon is opposed of what Antigone believes is right for her brother who died in war against the army of Creon’s. Creon was forced to remove the body out of dirt due to his intentions of having the body rot so it would not have a proper afterlife. Antigone believes it is justified that her brother receive proper burial and will go any length to receive what is justified.

Creon’s rule to keep order is seen as wrongdoing when his son Haemon goes with Antigone in her belief. Haemon begs for Antigone’s life as he stays on her side and sticks to what antigone believes is best for her brother. Creon is left with no choice to but execute Antigone. With great power comes great responsibility for the leader Creon and he is sticking to his word in executing Antigone, he felt that he has no choice. The loyalty king Creon expects from his people is the same loyalty that Antigone is giving to her brother. It is out of respect that there should have been a proper burial from the start and it is completely justified from King Creons own son Haemon as well.

Seeing Antigone stand up for her brother and

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