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Applying Foreign Policies in Support Court Ruling

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Essay title: Applying Foreign Policies in Support Court Ruling


Applying Foreign Policies in Support Court Ruling

Karla P Grover

Nova Southeastern University


Foreign policies are very important to the United States. The United States is fully recognized as the strongest nation and with that power comes ultimate sense of responsibility. The main purpose of every countries foreign policy is to survive and stay strong in today's world affairs. It is a policy that provides a powerful national security, keeps a strong economy with other nations, and is a chance to provide a good influence on the world; but above all is the desire for international peace. However, America should not be looking at international policies to enhanced Supreme Court rulings. What would happen in America today if we adopt Iraq's policies for woman's rights, Saudi Arabia's persecution of gay couples, and China's one child policy?

Applying Foreign Policies in Support Court Ruling

One of the factors that makes America one of the most powerful and peaceful nations in today's world is the respect for human rights. Human rights are severely undermined in other countries. In Iraq, women are still battling to be recognized, to be heard. If they try to have an active roll in society, they are kidnapped, murdered, imprisoned, and isolated from their families. Islamists have a very dark vision of women and they are treated as third class citizens. Women are considered half minded and therefore unable to make decisions on their own. . In the nineteenth century, the words that our forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, "that all men were created equal," facilitated many women to reach high positions in political, economic, and social areas in the United States. Women in America have helped build our great Nation through their leadership as writers, teachers, artists, politicians, doctors, and scientists, and in other professions. As mothers, daughters, and sisters, women have supported and strengthened American families and communities. Women are at the forefront of entrepreneurship in America, creating millions of new jobs and helping to build our Nation's economic prosperity." (Bush, 3/2/05).

Another pervasive issue to arise is that of persecution. Many gay and lesbian immigrants in the United States are really refugees, fleeing persecution on the basis of sexual orientation in their country of origin. In many countries, men and women are routinely subjected to brutalizing physical and psychological abuse simply for being gay or lesbian. In some countries, the death penalty is imposed on those whose sexual orientation is discovered. Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia and is punishable by imprisonment, corporal punishment or death. Last month, two gay men, Ahmed al-Enezi and Shahir al-Roubli, were beheaded after government officials claimed the men had killed a third man who had threatened to "expose" their relationship (Letellier, 2005). Today in America, gay couples are closer to achieving their ultimate goal of legally expressing their feelings for each other. The Supreme Judicial Court became the nation's first state supreme court to rule that same-sex couples have

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