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Are Curfews Effective and Constitutional?

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Essay title: Are Curfews Effective and Constitutional?

Are Curfews Effective and Constitutional?

After being gone for several decades, juvenile curfews have reappeared in communities across the United States. Researchers estimate that nearly 75 percent of major American cities now enforce some form of a nocturnal curfew. A 2004 survey of 300 adult residents in San Diego revealed that 92 percent supported the city's juvenile curfew, 72 percent agreed that the curfew made them feel safer, and 87 percent believed that the curfew helped control crime. Curfews are effective to some extent and but are not constitutional.

A. Curfews-

1. Keep youth from being victimized

2. Good use of cops time

B. Efficiency-

1. Dropped youth crime rate by 20%

2. 15 percent of all arrests for violent juvenile crime during curfew

3. Crime peaks @3:00 and 6:00 before curfew takes place

4. Not effective

5. Not going to stop someone who is prepared to commit a crime

C. Constitutional-

1. Police enforce a law that specifies nothing more than appearance as probable cause for detainment

2. Color of skin reason to be stopped

3. Rights

i. the

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