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Are We or Are We Not the Prisoners?

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Essay title: Are We or Are We Not the Prisoners?

Are we or are we not the prisoner or our own conceptions?

In the cave allegory, Plato describes the human condition as a type of blissful ignorance. I agree with Plato that we are prisoners of our own belief. In this essay, I describe my own opinions and issues to answer some of the questions.

The first question that I would like to discuss is, Are we prisoners to our own beliefs and notions of truth? I believe that we are prisoners to our own beliefs because since childhood different beliefs and notions of truth have been imposed on me through family, friends, and society. After being an adult, even though I came to find out that many of these beliefs are not real, it makes me wonder sometimes if it were real, would I be any happier. For instance, when I was child, my family told me that Santa Clause is real and will make my wish come true on Christmas. For years I believed that Santa was real and every Christmas the gifts I received were from Santa. Eventually at the age of eight, I realized that there is no such thing as Santa and the gifts I was receiving were from my family and friends. I still remember that for next couple years I believed in Santa and his gifts. Another good example is when a person believes that their wish will come true when they see a shooting star. However, I know making a wish while seeing a shooting star has no importance, yet, I believe in it because that is something I have always done since childhood with my family and friends.

It is believed in my culture that there is something bad bound to happen when a black cat crosses in front of you. Even though I have experienced the situation before, luckily nothing has happened, as there is no basis to it. However, the thought of "something happening" has always crossed my mind. All the above examples conclude that I am a prisoner to my own beliefs.

Secondly, I would like to discuss whether people would be ignorant and happy then enlightened and possibly unhappy? I think most people will choose being ignorant and happy because happiness is the highest good man can achieve and everyone wants to be happy. As I mentioned previously I was happy when I was ignorant about Santa's existence. On the other side, when I was informed that Santa is unreal I was unhappy. One of the other instance that I remember is my twenty first-birthday party. I had already figured out that my friends were throwing me a surprise birthday party. Seeing them organizing everything, I did not want to ruin their efforts and disappoint

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