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Army Strong

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Essay title: Army Strong

In the military we work as a team, we integrate all aspects and jobs into one mission and goal, and this goal is the Armys goal and the countrys goal. Teamwork is probably the most important aspect of the military in performing our missions and tasks, it helps us break the work apart and make it easier for each member of the military community. The team works together and performs as one unit supporting each individuals strengths and weaknesses and balancing the workload to adhere to a certain team members specialties or such strengths as that member would possess. The Military is a huge team working together with sister branches and other countries militarys to create one powerful force to counter other forces in the world and spread democracy. The army is also a large team sometimes refered to as a gang, which we are, not in the sense that we sell drugs or pimp prostitutes but we still kill a lot of people in the world. And thats a good thing. As a scout we use manyresources such as artillery, the medics, mechanics, air support etc. to accomplish our mission and work together as a team. The key of teamwork in the army, in my opinion is the hierarchy of leadership and the discipline to follow orders un-questionably. Good leaders lead by example, know their own individual job and can also follow directions and commands promptly and enthusiastically. The key to all of teamwork, leading, and following is adhering to the instructions of those appointed over you which brings me to my next point. As soldiers we are drilled almost everyday to listen to commanders, NCO's and basically everyone higher in rank than us or in some cases people that have more time in service. We are taught discipline from day one in basic training when we hit the ground the first time doing pushups to the last right face in the last ceremony before we see our families. Discipline is crucial to following orders effectively, without it soldiers would not react fast enough to what is being said or would simply not care enough about the task at hand to perform it, weakening the team itself. We follow our commands from higher because we know that whatever decision it is it overall is good for the Army, U.S or individual soldiers. When an order is given we should aknowledge the order, think about what needs to be done and execute using the least amount of resources or time to accomplish the mission at hand to standard and the commanders or NCO's specific commands. This is the crucial key in performing the mission, soldiers should not question the reasoning behind the command but execute promptly knowing that their leadership is looking out for him/her. This message is portrayed best through the small account told in message to Garcia. Although message to garcia is communist propaganda and was published for the sole purpose of turning troops to robots in china, Korea and Russia it demonstrates the kind of discipline and enthusiasm that all soldiers should have when tasked out for a job. It told of a messenger by the name of rowan who was an excellent tracker, his job was to find a general named Garcia and deliver the message as promptly as possible. Rowan did this using all the skills and traits he had available (army strong) and delivered the message without questioning his leadership or his purpose once. Rowan is a strong example of what soldiers in today's army should be like, we should be proficient enough to use all the skills of our MOS in order to accomplish the mission, use the training that was given to use and the proper amount of resources to accomplish the mission without wasting. Soldiers should not question the integrity of their leadership either. In garrison as well as on the battlefield we should obey our orders and comply with them to the best of our abilities. If we do not comply with the orders on the battlefield we risk and jeopardize other soldiers lifes and the integrity of the mission because our commanders expect us, as soldiers, to have the discipline needed to comply with their orders. I am brought back to a quote Ralph Waldo Emerson made once that said that the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn. This is very true, and has very deep meaning to me and his followers. Basically what he meant when he said this is that the acorn was a man, crazy i know but just stay with me, and when the acorn (man) plants his seed he can create thousands of acorns and different forests. You might not think that this applies to directly with following orders, but it does, let me explain. The acorn can represent many things but for this analogy it will represent a leader. The leader will plant his seed (knowledge, mission) and is the first acorn, a leader of acorns if you will. The seeds spread and catch wind and grow into trees ( ideas) that harvest more acorns (other soldiers) until eventually there are different forests (MOS's or branches) that will fall under the command of this one acorn. Actually

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