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Arthasastra and Foreign Policy

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Essay title: Arthasastra and Foreign Policy


" The welfare of the state depends on an active foreign policy."

- Kautilya



1. Kautilya's Arthasastra is a treatise on artha and sastra. . Arthasastra is the science, which is the means of the acquisition and protection of Earth. Arthasastra could be regarded as the sastra concerned with the general well being on earth. And since the state activity alone can make such a well being possible, the protection of Earth and it's acquisition which are an essential part of state activity are declared to be province of this sastra. The wide range of state activity covered in arthasastra has a two-fold aim. First it gives out how a ruler should protect his territory, which principally refers to administration of the state. Second, it gives out how territory should be acquired which principally is conquest of territory from others.

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