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Assessing Strategic Drivers

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Essay title: Assessing Strategic Drivers

Assessing Strategic Drivers

I choose as my organization. Like the origin of the name, is the biggest Internet book store. Along with the development of high technology and other competitors increased, now consumers can purchase all kinds of products on including commodities, foods, jewelry, and kitchenware.

Being a totally Internet-based company, covers those drivers of Internet economy pretty much. But there are still certain drivers that are relatively more important than the others. I concern those are information, distance, speed, accuracy, and consumers have power in information-rich channels. According to the text book, the driver of information offers customers convenience, selection, shopping experience, and confidentiality. Form my experience of shopping at, it always shows other relative books/products of what I searched for, and after the first time shopping, next time I visit, it shows my historical purchase. When customers buy its products in a certain amount, offers coupons or even free products to the customers. Also, with the Internet system, gives customers the power to find what they want quickly and easily, buy the product 24/7 anywhere the Internet is connected, choose the shipping time, and do not have to worry about confidentiality and accuracy problem. Since it is a computer-based system, customers can search the book on the Internet in advance without going to the book stores but fail to find it. For consumers, is the nearest and the most convenient store to get what they want.

Above are drivers of which has already taken advantage to retain its consumers. By using excellent marketing strategies and other operating management, even though slowly, it has created stable profits for its stockholders. Around 90s, a lot of companies took the opportunity of increased Internet usage to establish Internet stores sequentially, but most of them suffered when the Internet bubble bursted in 2000. Nevertheless, kept its slow but steady steps to remain the profits and expending its territory rapidly nowadays. Because of

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