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B2b Vs. B2c Marketing

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Essay title: B2b Vs. B2c Marketing

Marketing on b2b

On a B2B site, marketing is used with a higher level of respect for the potential customer. Often a service is being marketed such as web-hosting or website production.

The web sites usually are rather plain, with no flashing graphics or animation. The presence of links to examples of other businesses is found most often in a B2B site. They are focused on attracting businesses to hire them for a job or to promote the great work they have done with another company.

An example of how one company markets both a B2B and a B2C site is that of a travel company called Sabre Holdings, whose business customers include travel agencies, airlines, and travel consolidators. They also sell to the public through


On a B2C site, the customer is inundated with colorful flashing graphics or banners seeking to attract hits and bring traffic to the website. Often, the banner pops up in front of what the user it viewing as a distraction. Easily visible “sale” priced items are used to reel in the customer. This method of marketing is insulting to the net-surfing consumer; however, the strategy

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